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Medicare Advantage

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If you lose your Medicare Advantage plan you have a Guaranteed Right to return to original Medicare. You can also buy a Medigap plan to cover expenses not covered by original Medicare.

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Healthdentalvision is proud to offer affordable Medigap options to seniors turning 65 or those who lost coverage due to cancellation of their Medicare Advantage Plan.

Eligibility and Guarantee Issue

Medicare Advantage (MA) is also known as Medicare Part C. An MA plan is an alternative to Original fee-for-service Medicare. MA plans are sponsored by Medicare, which pays private insurance companies to provide health services to beneficiaries who enroll in these plans.

In order to join a Medicare Advantage plan you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and B and continue to pay your part B premiums.

The most common types in California are PPO’s (preferred provider organization) and HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organization). An HMO does require a referral to see a specialist.

If an MA plan includes a prescription drug plan it is called an MA-PD. If it does not it is an MA only.
You have guaranteed-issue rights to a Medigap policy when:

  • Your Medicare Advantage (MA) plan terminates coverage. In this case, you can return to Original fee-for-service Medicare with Medigap, but you must apply within 123 days of the end of your MA plan benefits.
  • You move outside your MA plan service area. You must apply within 63 days of moving.
  • You joined an MA plan when you first became eligible for Medicare and want to switch to a Medigap policy during your first 12 months in the MA plan. This is your Medicare Trial Period #1.
  • You switch from a Medigap policy to an MA plan for the first time since becoming eligible for Medicare, and you dis-enroll from the MA plan within the first 12 months. This is your Medicare Trial Period #2.