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Self Funding

Self Funding in California for groups from 5-99 Employee’s

Starmark Healthy Incentives is a cutting edge carrier in California that offers what feels like a traditional health plan but can reward an employer by returning a portion of their premium dollars based on how the group runs. The plan includes stop loss protection so the group can have a fixed monthly premium regardless of anticipated claims.

All administration and claims payments are done internally by Starmark and their networks include Aetna and Cigna. The carrier has included a Lab Card benefit into their plans for Labs and Diagnostic testing at Quest diagnostics to be no charge to employees.

How Self Funded Plans Work

  • A set amount is taken from the monthly premium and put into a separate account that is used to pay expected claims
  • Covered medical claims are paid from this account for you by Starmark
  • If covered claims are MORE than the specific and/or aggregate deductible, stop-loss insurance covers the balance
  • If cover claims are LESS than what you funded, you keep the surplus!