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Vision Plans

Affordable Vision Insurance Plans in California.
Compare plans that help pay for exams, contacts, glasses, and more. Quote, compare, buy direct.

The Best Individual Vision Insurance in California is VSP

If you need an individual plan for yourself or family, VSP is the plan you’ll want to sign up for. In most cases the cost of contacts and an exam often covers the premium cost. VSP has over 26,000 optometrists in over 20,000 offices across the country. They currently have 55 million members nationwide. There is a one time $35 fee to join this plan through the benefits association of Morgan White Group that offers it on an individual basis.

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Tips on lowering your vision costs

Pay Cash…First of all, at the time you make your appointment with the doctor’s office, ask if there are any special programs available for paying cash. A provider realizes that cash can be immediately deposited for services rendered while processing an insurance claim requires more paperwork and waiting for a reimbursement check to arrive. Typically you can expect a 25-30% discount.

Another option is after your appointment is completed you can request your Pupil Distance (PD) measurements that can be used to purchase glasses online. You can go to Costco and have an exam done, decide not to purchase glasses, and get your PD measurements.

If you need to purchase more contacts you can take the contact lens prescription listed on the box and order a 6 month or year supply. There are many great companies to choose from just by doing a google search.

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