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Voluntary Benefits

Did you know?

One third of American adults have no life insurance at all?
The single largest need for life insurance is income replacement?
Every year, Americans make about 500 million visits to dentists.
Every hour, there are about 2,900 disabling injuries in the U.S? That’s one a second.
41% of Americans will get cancer.
Accident insurance can reduce “Monday Morning Claims”.

Voluntary Benefits and Medical Insurance

Health costs continue to rise and drugs are the fastest growing segment. The Patient Protection And Affordability Act (PPACA) do not address costs within the health care system. We will continue to debate how health care is delivered in the U.S. and we will see many changes in our lifetime. One of the concepts that is catching on is employers offering voluntary benefits to employees. These carriers already offer a dental and vision benefit but now critical illness, accident, and life insurance are becoming increasingly popular. Group Long Term Care (LTC) is offered by a handful of carriers as guarantee issue if enough participate in a group. In 2012 the government will launch an advertising campaign for the LTC program offered in HC Reform. Until recently, very few Americans understood how LTC insurance played a role in protecting an individuals assets. Nursing homes in California cost anywhere between $130-200 a day. Assisted living costs and average of $88.48 a day. A live-in companion can cost $150 or more a day. These insurance products will gain traction as we move forward into the unknown.